A Day In The Life (+ a Jord Watch Giveaway!)

Since leaving my full time job at the end of July, I’ve moved back home to Michigan with my boyfriend to get started on a new career path. While he’s pursuing finance, I’m lucky enough to spend my days working with my mom, in the comfort of my home, in SWEATPANTS! We’re really living the dream, and I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve got plenty of exciting announcements coming in the next few months. As we move into fall, we’re working on creating a whole bunch of seasonal recipes, but we’re also taking time to refocus and change gears a bit. We’re excited to partner with Jord Watches this month as we test out some lifestyle photography in addition to our regular food photography. Jord Watches are hand-crafted from wood, making them a gorgeous, rustic fall accessory.

I’ve fallen in love with this Dark Sandalwood & Smoke Watch from their Frankie Series, which my boyfriend also received in the men’s version for a perfect complement to mine (both pictured below). Lucky for you, we’re running a giveaway so that you can receive $100 off your choice of Jord Watch this month! Even if you don’t win the grand prize, everyone that enters wins $25 off, so you can still do some fall shopping. All you have to do to enter is head here and fill out the form for a chance to win! At the end of the month, you’ll either win $100 or $25 towards a new watch, so it’s a win-win either way! You can check out more of their women’s collection here, and their men’s collection here. (Hint: they make for a great birthday/holiday/anniversary gift!)

While you wait to win, here’s a brief glimpse into my current daily routine pursuing the life of a freelance food photographer/stylist!

First things first…coffee.

I somehow managed to make it all the way through college without as much as a sip of coffee (granted, my earliest class typically started at 10am). As soon as I started working full time last summer, I decided to give coffee a try (I actually LOVE the taste of black coffee) and now I can’t go a morning without it. Coffee + cozy clothes + checking in on my laptop on the couch = a pretty easy start to the morning, right?

Smoothie time!

I try to start my day with a refreshing smoothie, and I always end up making enough for 5 people. We end up drinking it all, of course. (At 6’2″ and an active guy, Brent certainly doesn’t mind!) This green smoothie has been a go-to lately. Here’s the quick recipe:

1 banana

1 cup frozen mango

1 cup frozen pineapple

1/2 cup cucumber (I usually leave the skin on)

A huge handful of spinach

A huge chunk of fresh ginger

1/2 freshly squeezed lemon

Enough coconut water to thin it out

Blend it all up and enjoy! You can also add a bit of fresh turmeric for an extra kick.

The work begins.

My mom and I work together when it comes to recipe development, photography and styling. We both have the same camera and a range of different lenses to share so our style remains consistent. Although we still have a lot to learn, photography has become a huge passion for both of us and we’re so fortunate to be able to translate that passion into work.


A huge part of photography includes spending plenty of time editing photos, posts, captions, etc. Needless to say, we spend a large portion of the day on our computers, but we luckily get to simultaneously enjoy whatever food we’ve just made and shot!

Break time with the boys


This one just about never leaves us alone, especially when we’re in the kitchen. He sits in his little corner near the sink (not the most convenient spot) and watches as closely as possible for a morsel to drop on the floor. I do not kid you- he never rests when someone is in the kitchen making/eating/looking at food! He comes running from any area of the house at the sound of a jar of coconut oil opening.

“Yes, we’re going to Whole Foods again.”

Naturally, a significant portion of time spent as a food photographer includes shopping for groceries! We try to keep it simple and only buy what we know we’ll need, but this typically means making last minute trips for fresh berries or more chocolate chips. We’re lucky to have some great stores within a 15 minute radius and a beautiful Sunday farmers market!

More work, and then some wine + planning.


After finishing up whatever I’ve been working on, my mom and I like to enjoy a glass (or two) of wine and get to planning for short and long term projects. As our schedule ramps up this fall, there will be plenty more glasses of wine to be enjoyed. For now, we’re enjoying the gorgeous early fall weather, staying cozy, and being together as a family.

This post is sponsored by Jord Watches. All opinions expressed are our own. 

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